At the very essence of the Being Gathering there’s the notion that we are part of a whole and it is through the interaction of inner and outer elements that we can achieve peace of mind and physical health.

That is why we are offering a wide range of holistic practices at Being Gathering 2017.

Teachers are carefully chosen from all around the globe, as to provide the newest, most diverse and competent series of classes. They will work together with you on harmonising human elements, grounding and balancing ourselves by understanding body and mind as two entities which are part of a whole, working together in unity.

Like the elements around us, sometimes we need wind and power so we’ll present vigorous activities where you can engage into Martial Arts or even different sorts of Dance. On other occasions, we need to realign through our breath and body and we’re offering various Yoga modalities.

To make sure everyone can undertake any practice we are scheduling classes for all levels of expertise, ranging from the very beginner to the most proficient. 

Make the most out of it! Explore what suits you best, try different things, or just keep getting better at what you already do.

In the beautiful setting of Being Gathering you are free to enjoy and reconnect with not only yourself but also nature. We are part of a whole beautiful universe!

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