At the Being Gathering 2017, Satya will lead a Sacred Journey from Sound to Silence.


Satya’s approach is inspiring and authentic, a harmonious combination of respect for every being, with a challenging attitude allowing people to fulfil their true potential and bring more awareness and relaxation into their lives.                      

“One of the best keys that I have been practicing day after day in my life, and with those who cross my path is HONESTY … the more I practice the more I see real flourishing in my being and in others.”         

Satya works with Shamanism and Ancestral Wisdom when she dived for the first time profoundly in the heart of Amazonic Jungle meeting her beloved master & friend José Campos.  Since that time she has been holding Shamanic Wisdom Retreats all over the world.  She is a Vision Quester from the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, a Sacred Pipe Carrier and a Sacred Sweat Lodge Keeper around the world.                     

She has experience of practicing and working with meditations and several transformative processes. Her main work lies on bringing together ancient rituals with contemporary therapeutic techniques.  

Sacred Journey from Sound to Silence

A deep immersion into the sounds of the soul and into the mystery of life.
Dancing the two polarities of the universe, yin & yang, day & night, dark & light, action & stillness…. the pure base of our Mystery and their vibration until the stillness of nothingness.

A place where we float along the sound to come to a place of silence and stillness. This form of meditation takes us deeper into stillness where true presence can be found. In presence, duality fades away and we come to know Oneness through our own direct experience.

Heal your body, relax your mind and allow yourself to be bathed with heart filled sounds taking you on a journey of vibrational waves. Infused in this mystical moment a guided meditation from the ancient traditions.