At the Being Gathering 2017, Paul Wannebroucq & Zoé Brook​ will be facilitating a Stop the World Meditation.

Paul Wannebroucq & Zoé Brook

Paul and Zoé Brook are the founders of an artistic collective AWW ! A Wonderful World ! The aim of this collective is to develop introspection through arts. Paul Brook is a musician experimenting free improvisation in different styles of music (mainly psychedelic), he focuses on the energy of the moment to create. Zoé Brook is a video performer. In her live performances, she follows the path of her life, her many travels to India, her quest about understanding herself. Images are an invitation to think about human condition and an exploration of a digital pictorial universe.

For a decade now, they both spend 3 months a year in India. Yoga and meditation became their daily practice and they got inspired by these practices to develop their inner self by an authentic art expression.

Stop the World Meditation

Thanks to a synesthesic experience, a guided meditation is proposed to the audience. This meditation is focused on our chakras. Video projection highlights each chakra by images projected on a screen evoking the symbolism of the chakras (color, element, symbol…). As each chakra is also associated with a note, a sound, binaural music will be the support of sound meditation.

The association of image and sound provokes an immersion of the senses and can help people to understand their own body, their own energy, and exploring their own feeling. As the performance is a live and partly improvised one, the exchange of energy between performers and the audience is a part of the experience. The aim of this collective moment is to stop the world and to spread the love between each other.