At the Being Gathering Nartan will be offering the Heart Chakra Meditation and the No Dimensions Meditation.


Nartan, born 1956 in Germany, studied social work, and worked several years with children and handicapped youth and in integration projects of immigrant families.

She started her own personal development by learning about alternative healing therapies like Bioenergetics, which eventually lead to her connecting with the disciples of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, a very well-known spiritual teacher from India in the late 70’s. These years in India had a profound impact on her way of living, and taught her much about meditation and bodywork. After returning to Europe, she continued living and working in Osho Communities, namely as a massage therapist and guide in Osho Meditations.

In the late 90’s, Nartan and her partner Harida started the record label Nazca Music and since 2006 they have been offering meditation retreats in their land in Alentejo, Portugal.

They have been also participating to the yearly Osho Festival of Music and Meditation.

“The simple principles of the way of the heart in whatever we do is my main interest. Meditation, music, being in nature, connected to the earth and sky, taking care of our body…emotional clarity, massage, good food and at times a detox are very important to me.”

Heart Chakra Meditation and No Dimensions Meditation

The Heart Chakra Meditation is  based on the Sufi tradition that dates back hundreds of years. It is an simple breath and movement exercise, which can help relieve inner tension, allowing the energy of the heart to flow freely again.

When the heart chakra is open, all energies can flow freely. There are no inner blockades and one feels deeply united with oneself and all other creations. One feels protected and radiates warmth, satisfaction and love.

The No Dimensions Meditation  is a powerful method for centering one’s energy in the hara – the area just below the navel. It is based on a Sufi technique of movements for awareness and integration of the body. Because it is a Sufi meditation, it is free and non-serious.