At the Being Gathering 2017, Mirko Betz will be facilitating a Metta Meditation: Find Self love, Heal the Inner Child & Your Relationships.

Mirko Betz

Mirko was born in Germany. In 1999, he moved to Los Angeles to work in Hollywood as a screenwriter. In 2010 he gave up all personal possessions, and lives a Semi Nomadic Lifestyle since. He stayed in a Zen Monastery for 6 months and practiced with a 90 year old Zen Buddhist Master in Germany, after which he embarked on the sacred journey to Santiago de Compostela.

Working with Abuelita Ayahuasca in Mexico for 4 years prior, he fully devoted himself to his Shamanic initiation work. Based on his own personal Healing & Awakening process, Mirko now offers his unique mixture of practical and simple healing methods, serving people to finally implement their beautiful dreams in everyday life. Mirko is not a shaman, healer, teacher or guru in the traditional sense of the word, he simply shares passionately what he has to still learn and master himself.

Metta Meditation: Find Self love, Heal the Inner Child & Your Relationships

Heal your Relationships, with your Inner Child, with your parents, your children, your lover, perhaps with someone who has passed or lives far away, without having to talk to that person directly and personally, with this simple Meditation technique.

How peaceful is your relationship with your parents and yourself? Well, it makes very little sense to ask for world peace as long as we are still at war with our mother, father and the child within!  In this truly transformative meditation we go back to experiencing true Self Love by healing the inner Child, and by doing so, we make peace with all our relationships, including our parents, the rest of the world and the entire universe.