At the Being Gathering 2017, Susan Florries  will facilitate a masterclass called Darkness Divine introduction: Protection through surrender

Susan Florries

Susan Florries is a storyteller, dancer, performer and filmmaker who also offers journeys for spiritual and personal development, as well as transformational guidance for organizations, groups and individuals. Born in 1977 in Stockholm, Sweden, she lived in Spain in 1997 and 1999 – 2001, and moved to Vienna, Austria, in 2004.

She had spiritual experiences since birth and later she received guidance by several, distinguished elders, many of them in the field of shamanism. She attended personal therapy, many workshops and learned project management for non-hierarchical organizations. She studied sociology, history of science and ideas, film science and attended Stockholm Film School.

She made music videos, short films and interviewed distinguished scientists, politicians, diplomats, famous actors, as well as activists in political movements and intentional communities. She also contributed to the latter as a communicator, project manager, space holder, healing and women’s circle leader, conflict solver and moderator.

Darkness Divine introduction: Protection through surrender

Darkness Divine is a journey through awareness and beyond which brings us to a source of massive power that lies at our very core – the Yin, the chaos, the beyond words and understanding… It is about being present in midst of chaos, as well as using chaos and the subconscious for healing, empowerment and protection. It leads to a balance between yin and yang, surrender and action, manifestation and trusting the grace of Existence.

For the Being Gathering, a special Darkness Divine introduction session has been developed. We start with a science accompanied by beautiful images. We move into experience through The Flower Meditation, a simple, efficient and beautiful method which helps you to protect and heal yourself from all from projections to traumas. Through planting multidimensional flowers we let the Divine do the work for us and open pathways for healing everything that is connected with your pain, blockages and traumas.