At the Being Gathering 2017 Satnam will be offering a workshop on Totem Animal Guides


Satnam is psycho-pedagogue specialized in gender psychology and emotions. She is a facilitator in family constellations, and holds a training in Shamanic Family Constellations. She is also active as a yoga teacher and creative dancer. She lives in Ibiza, teaches regular classes and Energy Restorative Yoga (Iyengar method), supporting individual emotional psychology sessions and Ancestral Family Constellations, Shamanic channeling with the Major Arcana of the Tarot; she also offers retreats and workshops for personal growth for women and intensive sacred masculinity and femininity.

Totem Animal Guides

Since the beginning of mankind, people believed in the extraordinary powers of animal.

Animals and humans inhabit the physical world together, therefore, they must exist in the spirit world together. We don’t need to be shaman practitioner to know how the animal guides us in daily life. Most of the time, we receive their strength without being conscious of it. Sometimes they appear to us in a dream or in a meditation state. In this journey we will awake our inner connection with the totem animal through a deep meditation guided by drum music.

When the animal appears we will dance with his spirit and will ask about our purpose in life or any question we need to know now!