At the Being Gathering, Deva Shamim will be facilitating the Sweat Lodge Ritual.

Deva Shamim

Deva Shamim started her path into an Alternative Way of Being 13 years ago, when her Life turned to a different direction from what she had studied to Be.From this choice a new path started and New Horizonts opened to her such as Dance, Meditation, Shamanism, Therapy, Sacred Feminine Circles, Healing Retreats.

The work Deva Shamim offers has a mix of different and complementary ways, teachings and dimensions, from Individual Sessions, to Group Practices, Sacred Ceremonies and Retreats. The intention is to help Human Beings to remember who we really are, breaking through the illusion we all live.

Being Sweat Lodge Keeper Deva Shamim will be holding the Space of the Sweat Lodge Ceremonies during the Being for the 2nd year with great Honor and Gratitude.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

“The Sweat Lodge Ceremony is an amazing opportunity to go back to the Origin. The womb of Mother Earth, Let Go, Surrender, Honor and be Reborn. Honoring our Ancestors, Revitalizing our Body, Mind and Energy. Opening to the Magic of the Four Elements”

The way she guides this Ceremony is from the Calling of her Land.

Initiated by Cherokee friends; Standing Bear and Laurinda, also was trained as Sweat Lodge Keeper with Eve Meyer, from Switzerland and learning Mexican way of Temazcalli and also Peruvian way. Deva Shamim guides this Sacred Ceremony from her Heart and from the Tradition that is beyond Culture and Time. Ancient Wisdom.  

We are all One  *In’ Lackesh*