At the Being Gathering, Satya will facilitate a Sacred Fire Spirit Gathering with live musicians and a Sacred Ceremony of Life.


Satya’s approach is inspiring and authentic, a harmonious combination of respect for every being, with a challenging attitude allowing people to fulfil their true potential and bring more awareness and relaxation into their lives.                      

“One of the best keys that I have been practicing day after day in my life, and with those who cross my path is HONESTY … the more I practice the more I see real flourishing in my being and in others.”   

Satya works with Shamanism and Ancestral Wisdom started when she dived for the first time profoundly in the heart of the Amazonic Jungle, meeting her beloved master & friend José Campos.  Since that time she has been holding Shamanic Wisdom Retreats all over the world.  Satya is a Vision Quester from the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, a Sacred Pipe Carrier and a Sacred Sweat Lodge Keeper around the world.                     

She has experience in practicing and working with meditations and several transformative processes. Her main work lies on bringing together ancient rituals with contemporary therapeutic techniques.

Sacred Fire Spirit Ritual

Preserving the living continuity of ancient wisdom through sharing and direct experience. For thousands of years humans have gathered around the fire for light, warmth and connection. This Sacred Shamanic Fire Spirit Gathering is n offspring of Ancient Wisdom that brings people together with ancient & traditional wisdom keepers.

In these times of great need and change, this event is an opportunity to sit in circle and listen to the voice of great spirit, to each other and to the fire; and to reconnect with the land and the spirits of the place where we are. Being in the presence of this embodied wisdom can teach us how to improve our relationship with nature, offer respect and gratitude, and learn how to “ listen” to and connect with the world around us.

Fire is a gift from the Creator. It is spirit made manifest.
It is untouchable yet touches us with it’s warmth and light.
When we learn how to communicate with it, our lives are enriched.
Just as the sun provides warmth and light, and allows growing things to flourish, fire warms our homes and cooks our food, and lights our way in the dark.

This ancient ritual was built in the traditional way, with prayer and respect and offerings of tobacco, presenting the Sacred Pipe to the people around the fire inviting each soul to give a voice to his own sacredness that honours the Mystery that we all are and live.

The Sacred Ceremony of Life

When we gather in Ceremony we are fully present to our experience and in touch with the deep meaning that feeds our souls. Sacred Ceremony Of Life is a beautiful and active prayer that allows us to commune with the spiritual world in an incredibly meaningful way.

Ceremony is an alchemical combination of physical, psychological, and instinctual responses that impress, in a balanced way, our holistic nature. When the beauty of life shines through ceremony life becomes a celebration of gratitude and an invitation for more blessings.

Sacred Ceremony Of Life is filled with an active prayer through sound, the union of the 4 elements and the integration of duality represented by women & men.

Ceremonies invoke a proclamation of unity, harmony and cooperation and return us to the knowledge that we are not only independent entities – we are also centers of energy in the unified field.

Ceremonies are codes. They are an alchemical patterning of holistic intelligence that invoke, through resonance, new patterns of response within the cerebral cortex, creating powerful brain chemistry that unfetters the intellect from its dogmatic space-time parameters, opening a gateway into a limitless continuum.