Michael Paul Hill will be conducting Sweat Lodge ceremonies at the Being Gathering 2017 in a very sacred and healing way for all those who attend.

Michael Paul Hill

Michael Paul Hill is a 42 year old member of the “Yellow people” clan of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, in the Southeastern Arizona Reservation, in the USA.As a Chihene Apache, Michael’s ancestors are know throughout history as Mangas Coloradas, Victorio, Lozen and Geronimo.  He does Spiritual Advocacy work to help spread the truth according to his ancestor and experience, as a traditional Apache practitioner in the curing of the spiritual, physical, and mental health ways. Michael Paul was gifted with the Power of Lightning and Thunder and uses this gift to help those in need through song, dance, ceremony, consultation, and the many other ways but most importantly, through Prayer!

Sweat Lodge Ceremonies and Healing Sessions

At The Being Gathering, Michael Paul Hill will be giving private consultations and healing sessions. Michael Paul Hill is a lightning Diyin from the Apache people in southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. Michael Paul’s Apache Lightning Medicine is Contrary and very sacred and holy! In his community, Michael Paul is a spiritual and legal advocate in which he sings curing songs and prays for people at ceremonies, sweat lodges, and personal private prayer consultations including that of spiritual entity invasion requiring exorcisms or singing over the one seeking help while massaging the person with hands or energy.

Michael Paul was struck by lightning four times which is considered a high power within the cultures of many Indigenous Peoples spirituality.