At the Being Gathering 2017, Kula and Sofia from Rit’Mundo will be facilitating a Drum Circle

Kula & Sofia –  Rit’Mundo

For over 20 years that they share their lives. The enthusiasm and passion for life and self and spiritual development have led them to walk the path of love, growth and connection.

Kula is a musician and a therapist, a lover of rhythm, he develops educational and self development trainings and workshops. He is international ambassador of Laughter Yoga, a Soul Hunting Healer and a Drum Circle and Trance Dance facilitator. He studied Biomusicology and had the privilege to learn with many teachers worldwide like Reinhard Flatischler, Wilbert Alix, Bobby McFerrin, Madan Kataria and Arthur Hull.

Sofia is a trained in Coaching, Human Element ( Element B ), Open Space Technology, NLP and trained as Master of Gongs with Don Conreaux. She is a Life Coach and a personal development trainer specialized in Coaching with horses. She likes to work with collaborative and creative tools that give people the chance to develop their full potential. In her work she integrates the values she considers fundamental for the human being: Love, Respect and Trust.

Drum Circle | Music for Life!

Drumming creates Unity, opens our hearts allowing for deeper connection with own energy and also to connect with others around us. Drumming enhances our sense of empowerment and stimulates our creative expressive sides providing an experience of Flow and Authenticity. Rit’Mundo creates a welcoming environment for people to connect, express themselves fully and celebrate life in a healthy, positive, and nurturing way.

Drum with LOVE, Drum with JOY, Drum with ENERGY. Feel yourself energized and connect with Mother Earth.