Ixchel Love

Ixchel embodies the essence of Ma, exuding unconditional love, in her soft, yet fierce grace and authenticity.  She is here to serve by inspiring and empowering others to activate their full potential & awaken the wisdom of the heart.  Her work bridges the masculine teachings of mindfulness & non-dualism with the more feminine path of Tantra, infused with deep devotion.

Drawing upon wisdom from the earth, this modern day Priestess weaves together her passions, offering ceremonies, workshops and retreats with yoga, breathwork, sound healing, singing circles, dance, sweat lodge, satsang & sharing circles.  Her powerful presence & dedication to holding a safe space inspires spontaneous joy & authentic embodiment of the truth of who we are – pure love.

She lives in Bali with her son and soul family in an artist’s community she started 11 years ago.  She also created Soma café with her father, the Ubud community hub for gathering, music jams and inspiration.

LOVEolution Earth Ritual

Humans are here to rejoice, dance and sing as our ancestors have been doing for hundreds of years.  Our prayer, song & footsteps alone can restore peace and harmony on Planet Earth.

We will connect deeply to Pachamama, our Earth Mother with a ritual of gratitude, be anointed with the soil of the land, and send powerful prayers into the Earth to cleanse and purify the harmonic grid.

With the beat of the drum, and chants for the earth, we will unify our heartbeat with the heartbeat of our Earth Mother, and connect to the songlines, the energetic pathways of the Earth to reclaim our relationship with the divine mother.