You are invited to take part in the new Experiences program!

This means a brand new way to experience the Boomland, with an official program based on nature interactions like Forest Walks, Grounding, numerous Ancient Rituals, a Sweat Lodge, and other shamanic experiences.

The intention is reconnecting with ourselves and each other.

We are lucky enough to have a vast open space plenty of wildlife and plants, a wonderful natural setting that allows us to explore new opportunities and go on amazing adventures. We are making the most out of what the Boomland has to offer us: great earth quality, plenty of trees, a stunning lake with a vast clearing, several species of plants and flowers, and countless living beings.

The experiences offered at the Being Gathering will be offers that promote health, mindfulness and promote consciousness.

We are  learning together how to create the balance that we stay connected within whilst moving and in action on the outside. The intention with this part of the program is to experiment with new possibilities having Mother Nature as our friend and ally.

There is a space for authentic sharing, invitations to simply enjoy nature and a renewal of our perception of celebration.

Come along and celebrate life, with the help and guidance of ancestral knowledge and the one and only Mother Nature!

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