At the Being Gathering 2017, Tigrilla Gardenia will be giving a talk on  Resetting the Matrix between Humans and the Plant World

Tigrilla Gardenia

Tigrilla Gardenia has always had a fascination with sound and the way things work. With a degree in music and electrical engineering in hand, she has been employed in high-tech enabling music and art through software and as a music engineer; she co-owned a circus, produced events, and toured with Cirque du Soleil. These experiences give her a unique perspective into sound, humanity and nature.

With roots firmly planted in the arts and as a Kabbalah teacher, she arrived in Damanhur—one of the largest spiritual eco-communities in the world—to discover what we can learn from and how to co-create with the plant world. It was natural that Music of the Plants would become her instrument of choice. As an inspirational speaker and Plant Perception researcher, she has connected with thousands of trees. Her research is centered on giving a voice to the consciousness of the plant world and how nature in the city is fundamental for healthy, happy and sustainable living.

Resetting the Matrix between Humans and the Plant World

Once upon a time, all food was organic and nature was an integral part of our lives. But somewhere along the way, we lost our ability to communicate with plants. Deforestation, species evolution, pollution and the insatiable human hunger for more land create large chasms between our worlds, bringing about a separation where once there was none. Since humanity is culpable for the disconnect between our species, we must take the lead to connect to the plant world for our own wellness and evolution. But how?

What I told you that there is a way for plants to community in a way we can understand? Researchers from Damanhur began to research plant communication in the 1970s, which lead to develop a device that gives plants the ability to make music. Do you want to hear plant musicians for yourself? Bring along your favorite plant and listen to her music—human musicians encouraged as well.