At the Being Gathering 2017, Sol will be offering a Conference on Vedic and Pythagorean Numerology



Sol trained in Ayurveda, Taoism, Numerology and Shamanism. He travels around the world with his wife Juma learning with different masters the ancient practices. His goal is to raise the global consciousness and share his experience of claiming our potential as human race. Tao is a doorway for all of us to experience a real life-changing. Actually Sol is teaching Tao and Numerology in Italy, Sloveny Switzerland and Brazil. He loves teaching and to share the ancient wisdom with others. Sol loves to travel, to play music and live in nature.


Vedic Numerology has its roots in Ayurveda in India, meanwhile the Pythagorean Numerology was studied in Egypt by Pitagora, the famous mathematicians who lived about 500 BC. Numerology is an ancient method that comprehends the studying of numbers as your date of birth, the numbers hidden in your name etc…Numbers are symbols and they hide a lot of meanings!! They are subliminal messages and they are leading our lives, we use them all day long hidden by a name, a mobile number, vehicles tags.

As symbols they contains a lot of meanings and Numerology is the great wisdom from the past that can reveal to us how to use them! Numbers inflect our lives: our birth date reveals Life Path, our name reveals Talents, we can find out the specific meaning and challenges of each year of our Life.