At the Being Gathering, Orpheus B will be offering a Conference called “Living the dream – Walk awake”.

Orpheus B

How’s and why’s
20 years ago I had a voice in my tummy. it told me to go East, to India. it was the beginning of my spiritual journey into self realization.
I was asking the Universe why am I here and what did I come to do. I knew we all have a reason for being and a mission.
While traveling to learn, to feel and listen, I discovered for me it was healing – Helping human beings feel better, more balanced, joyful,
relaxed and ultimately – Happy. I started this journey of exploring natural ways for healing of body and mind.
Constant curiosity enabled me to tap into many modalities and meet amazing teachers.
Now I can share with confidence and assist many in their healing and spiritual growth thru this life journey.
Inspirational Guide, Healer and a Master in the “Arts of Living”, holds a Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine,
and Diplomas in many fields of natural healing methods.
He uses mind tools such as soul retrieval and shamanic journeys, to release emotional blocks from the past, mental or physical stagnation.
Orpheus expertise is in (Shamanic) Acupuncture, herbal medicine and Energetic Channel Massage (EcM).
He has created several Tai-Chi forms that suit the modern times, as well as unique “dance of Tao” protocol of free-flow dance.
He is a Reiki master, Tai chi senior instructor and a Qi gong practitioner.
Orpheus has a Healing center in Israel and in Costa Rica, travels around the world for healing and teachings, seminars and workshops.


Living the Dream – Walk Awake

This will be a great and inspiring talk about life, living, balance, healing tools of Shamanic practices from east to west. Explaining and sharing the core aspects of balance and in-balance, health and disorders, how to look at life and find what is it exactly we need to do in order to heal, feel, connect and reach our true self. Find balance, inner happiness & full joy and simply Just Be.