At the Being Gathering 2017, Nuno Um Param will be giving a class on  The Maya Wisdom, tools to blend into the 4d stream of Magic and Synch

Nuno Um Param

I was born in Portugal in 1972, in a town called Porto. I moved to Mexico in 2000 after a strong calling to be reset and reborn. And this is how it all happened:

One day as I travel through the Mayan lands of Palenque , I got struck by the essence of the Ram Ram community and I had the vision of the purpose to give to life.  That was the before and after of my destiny path.

I incorporated that vision into the seed I wanted to plant in this Earth and “Uno” in Tulum was born. A place that was designed to become a experiment of “galactic culture” (art, sacredness, devotional music, healing, community and natural time)

There I received all the tools I needed for magic=synchronicity to be amplified in this sacred space and among these tools, Mayan Astrology/calendar became one of the most important to account of. As I was experiencing this level of wisdom, slowly I became a vessel for others to learn, and soon I was teaching a little bit everywhere.

The Maya Wisdom, tools to blend into the 4d stream of Magic and Synch

This class will be an overview of Mayan Cosmovision and their perception of life, time and their own place in the cosmos. There will be an introduction to Mayan time science and their major calendars and an insight into what is Synch, Magic and 4th dimension. We will look at how Natural Time is  a 4D escalator.