At the Being Gathering 2017, Jose Manuel Duro Varo will be giving an Interactive Workshop with Geometry

Jose Manuel Duro Varo

He was born in 1953 in Ecija Andalucia, grew up in a white village between olive trees and wheat fields​.​

At 27, I created the first polyhedra when I was trying to express something that was inside and wanted to get out. A traveler and a searcher, I participated in projects for spiritual development and community life.

José Manuel is a geometer, farmer, sensitive builder, geobiologist and dowser. 20 years follower of the tradition of the sacred fire of America, is corridor of tema​z​kales and vision seeker.

His passion for geometry has led him to become an expert builder of structures and inventor of instruments to construct polyhedra.

A great lover of the purity of polyhedral forms and their resonances, he is currently creating a great diversity of polyhedra for meditation and domestics and giving workshops and exhibitions, sharing and making available the healing information contained in the polyhedra

He is father of a son a daughter and grandfather.

Interactive Workshop with Geometry

Symmetric Geometry facilitates a collection of geometric structures to interact with them, the 5 regular polyhedra, star polyhedra and semi-regular polyhedra, designed to enter into them.

Polyhedra are forms of very pure proportions that generate waves of form, energetic resonators of order, harmony and healing.

Each one brings us their particular qualities: relaxation, inner peace, connection with Mother Earth, mental clarity, openness etc.

In the workshop, we share meditation within the polyhedra, in the exhibition we practice meditation individually. In small polyhedra we can practice sitting inside, the larger ones allow us to stand in them. We enter into the polyhedra and silently let ourselves be enveloped by his loving embrace.