At the Being Gathering 2017, Declan Ji will giving a talk on NVC – Learning Compassionate Communication and a talk on Conscious Relating Overview

Declan Ji

Declan is a teacher of dance and organizer, director of retreats and stage manager of festivals.  He first discovered NVC 6 years ago and became fascinated with the concept of how we can communicate more intelligently and compassionately with each other.   Since then he has studied and taken various trainings and has been sharing this knowledge in festivals and retreats around the world.   He strongly believes that conscious relating techniques like NVC play a vital role in creating human sustainability in conscious communities.   His vision is to create a working integrated model as a core pillar of an intentional creative healing community.

NVC – Learning Compassionate Communication

Participants will learn the 4 basic principles of NVC (non-violent communication) and how to apply these principles in everyday life..   

It is a simple, practical, learnable process based on universal human values that helps people connect more deeply with themselves and others.Then moving into role play where participants apply the principles to situations in their own lives and role-play in small groups within the workshop. We will finish with questions and answers and sharing of resource information.

Conscious Relating Overview

As a core pillar of intentional community in this talk we will look at the components of an integrated communication system to create human sustainability within intentional community.  we will look at NVC, Sociocracy, the Art of hosting conversations that matter, brainstorming and Integration techniques.     How do we create a framework of communication that allows to connect deeper with each other to access a more powerful integrated community.