At the Being Gathering 2017, Angharad will be presenting a talk on the WALKABOUT – Pilgrimage and the Healing act of walking the Land & Stories that Heal – The Art of Ritual


Angharad Wynne

Angharad spent much of her youth exploring her Welsh homeland by foot and delving deeply into the western magic, healing and spiritual traditions in order to piece together the lost parts of her own indigenous culture.
Connection and 
dialogue with with nature and landscape is central to her work as is the magic of everyday, the creation for meaningful rituals for our lives today and sharing the spirituality and mythology of her homeland with others.

A published author and poet, Angharad is also a storyteller who uses story as the starting point for deep inquiry and a source of timeless wisdom and healing. She regularly runs spiritual and creative retreats including the Return to Centre series for women, In the Footsteps of Ancestors, an annual pilgrimage following ‘Songlines’ across the sacred landscapes of Britain, and Dreaming the Land which she co-runs with partner and collaborator, Eric Maddern.

WALKABOUT – Pilgrimage and the Healing Act of Walking the Land

From Aboriginal ‘Walkabout’ to Vision Quests and Sacred Pilgrimages, mankind has always known the healing power of walking and interacting with the land. Modern spiritual and multi-faith pilgrimage is on the rise. In this talk, Angharad shares her insights into the power of what she calls ‘Dreaming the Land’, the act of walking and connecting to the landscape’s stories, history, archaeology, ancestors and spirits, as a way to heal both people and place. Insights are drawn from ten years experience of guiding groups on spiritual and creative expeditions across the wild places of Britain, and offered as a framework for all to re-wilden and undertake dreaming quests across their native or local landscapes.

Stories that Heal – The Art of Ritual

How can we create meaningful, inclusive group or public rituals in this day and age, and simple, personal rituals that are soul nourishing and connect us to life, land and the landscape of our spiritual universe. A workshop exploring how we create rituals without religious boundaries that support an honouring self and spirit or key life moments.