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M-PeX is a musician, composer and producer from Lisbon, Portugal, who has in the portuguese guitar the hallmark of his musical identity, merging their sound with diverse soundscapes, including electronic music. His creations aim to modernize and globalize this traditional instrument from portuguese culture, culminating in a bold and innovative musical confluence.

Born in Lisbon, M-PeX starts, early on, playing fado accompanying guitar with his grandfather Luís Pinheiro, a portuguese guitar master, following him in countless fado clubs and private shows. Soon after, receives from his grandfather his first portuguese guitar, and with it the technique and its methods.

Enthusiastic about electronic music ever since the beginning and nurturing the idea of launching new sounds, his challenge is to portrait the portuguese guitar as a solo instrument, fusing this tradicional portuguese culture instrument with electronic beats and other diversified sound ambients.

At Being Gathering 2017, M-PeX will present himself on stage with guests André Coelho on the double bass, who will be in charge of the lower frequencies, and DJ X-Acto over the scratch table, effects and synthesizers. There will also be open improvisation moments, using effects pedal switches and loops.