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The Being Gathering is also a celebration for families!

Children are very welcome at the event and we invite all, parents and kids to be part of it. The Kids Area is a space prepared with a program and playground for the youngest, their parents and friends.

We have a new location from 2015 edition and several interactive plays, learning workshops, playgrounds and facilitators to create a Being Experience tailored for the little ones and their families. Let’s play together!

The area is prepared for children from 3 to 12 years old and is open during the day.


To help support this service, all children at the Being Gathering need to be registered at the Being Gathering Ticket Shop. Children registration will be available on the 29th of November. When you purchase your ticket, please register your child in the form provided. Please provide all the information requested.

This registration form is a safety measure and it is important for us to know the names and emergency contacts for the children registered. Children will receive a wristband upon arrival at the gates. The wristbands are numbered and this will help us locate parents in case the child gets lost.

The temperatures during the Being Gathering can be quite high and the risk of dehydration and sunburn are there. Be mindful of these situations. Keep your kids protected from the sun by always wearing a hat and give them a lot of water.

If you have experience working with children and have a workshop or interactive play proposal for the kids at the Being Gathering, please send us your proposal using the application form you will find HERE.