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At the Being Gathering 2017 Alex and Geeta will be facilitating Forest Therapy Sessions

Alex & Geeta

Shinrin-Yoku Portugal does Forest Therapy. Forest Therapy is a practice of bringing people into the forest and guiding them to connect to their senses and consequently develop connection with forest and nature in general.

Geeta and Alex are the only certified Forest therapy Guides to operate in Portugal and belong to the first cohort of 12 trainees in Europe. This practice was developed in the United States based on the Japanese technique of Shinrin-Yoku that literally means “Forest Bathing”.

Forest Therapy

This will be a 3 hour sessions where we can take a group of 16 people into the forest and follow a pre-designed trail offering guided invitations. The participants are guided to connect with their senses and connect with the forest. This practice is about slowing down. We firmly believe that in this fast paced world, a practice like Forest therapy is very useful to support people to slow down, connect with themselves and nature. By being connected to nature we develop love for it and consequently embody the concept of sustainability. By being connected to nature and ourselves we are in the present moment and therefore heighten our spiritual awareness.